C e n t s A b l e  C h a t

C e n t s A b l e  C h a t

CentsAble Bobbi shares ideas for helping kids create a plan to sidestep the paycheck to paycheck cycle.
What does your makeup bag or toolbox has in common with your budget?
The Back to School Challenge

July 8, 2019

Cash Flow


Hear Taylor’s award-winning song!

Anything is achievable, if you plan for it

Learning the reality of how much life actually costs

What she learned in her personal finance & investing class in high school
Understanding student loans and finding alternative ways to fund your education

Advice for other kids her age: Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions and reach out for help

“Saving is the key to making your dreams a reality” - a powerful lyric and what it means to her

Why it makes sense to think about your future - and what it might cost!When it comes to saving - the sooner the better!

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Taylor Brown took third place in the American Bankers Association’s national “Lights, Camera, Save!” Contest. She talks about her savings strategy and shares her award-winning song & video, “Cash Flow.”